Production Notes

Distillery: Ingenio San Carlos Distillery, Panama
Ingredients: Molasses from proprietary grown, hand-harvested sugar cane
Fermentation: Sugar cane molasses and custom strain in-house developed yeast
Distillation: Continuously distilled in copper plated column stills during sugarcane harvest season.
Aging: 8 years
Wood: Ex-bourbon barrels (American oak) sourced from Kentucky
ABV: 45%
Filtration: First through cellulose plates, followed by cold filtration
Bottling: Alcoholes y Rones De Panama
Additives: None

The Ultimate Catch

We hold our rum to higher standards than other premium rums. Grander is meticulously hand-crafted, expertly blended and undeniably authentic – we use absolutely no additives in crafting our rum.

It has not been altered by coloring, flavoring or blending of additives – and that is rare, indeed.

Gold – 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition 92 Points – 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Tasting Notes

Nose: An inviting nose where toasty oak spices dance with sweet notes of vanilla.
Taste: Rich and oaky with notes of nutmeg and dried fruit and hints of bourbon and sugarcane.
Finish: Long and mellow, it leaves you satisfied with the knowledge that you have just tasted a world-class spirit.
Our process and product reflect the care, craft and high standard that defines Grander.